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Product Description

Animal Pump is a unique pre-workout that comes in capsule form containing both the pump and the stim aspects, respectively.

If you don’t want any stimulants in your Animal Pump pre-workout, just don’t take the red capsule!

The sachets it comes in make it ideal for your gym bag and eliminates the messiness and inconvenience that come with powdered products.

The pre-workout itself is well rounded and comprehensive. Not only does it give you more energy, great muscle pumps and focus like most other products of it’s kind but it also comes with 3,000mg of creatine from several different sources which serve to further increase the pump you get and aid in muscle recovery by providing the muscle with hydration as well as blood flow.

The stim part of the pre-workout is for intermediate to advanced users as it totals 500mg of caffeine and stimulants.

As it says on the Label, this pre-workout is for people who wish to train like an animal!

Animal Pump Pre Workout ingredients label WheyOkay

The Benefits:

  • Supports anabolism and inhibits catabolism
  • Raises the energy level
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Can be used as stim or non-stim after removing the red capsule

At WheyOkay we are highly committed to our customers, we stand beside our products and our ultimate goal is to satisfy every customers needs, from the moment you purchase our products to the fitness goals you will achieve.


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