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BioTech USA Iso Whey Zero 2.2kg


BioTech USA Iso Whey Zero 2.2kg

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Looking For A ‘High’ Protein Power-packed Supplement That Offers Much More Than Muscle Mass? Give ISO Whey Zero A Go And Experience A Change In Your Energy Level!

This protein supplement is a blend of immunoglobulin and lactoferrin. It is the best protein supplement to hype up your muscle game. Made via whey protein isolate (micro-filtered) using the purest cross flaw method, BioTech USA ISO Whey Zero not only contributes to maintaining muscle mass but also improves bone health. Ideal for those fitness freaks who are looking for lean muscle gain

Protein is an essential building block of our body. A source of nutrients made up of amino acids produced by our body and supplemented from external sources which you need to take in daily to ensure your body's self-sustenance. It contributes to maintaining muscles during workouts, a diet, and your everyday life. A quick, convenient and highly effective way to supplement your protein intake is to drink protein supplements; all you need is a protein powder, a shaker, and some water or milk. The Iso Whey Zero protein power structure is preserved in its fullest form and it also remains rich in immunoglobulin (antibody) and lactoferrin (part of your immune system). Protein powder can be derived from milk and from animal or plant sources or their combination.


Iso Whey Zero is made with the purest cross-flow micro-filtered whey protein isolate, while it truly contains zero lactose, zero trans fat, and zero sugar. Iso whey zero, like all biotech use products, consists of 100% safe, carefully selected nutrients. Iso Whey Zero is the world's premium protein, full stop, game over. Iso whey contributes to maintaining muscle mass, healthy bones and recovery. The extremely high biological value of proteins makes iso whey zero absolutely unique in the biotech USA product line. It's perfect for athletes who aim for ultra-lean muscle gains as proteins contribute to muscle mass growth and muscle maintenance.

Biotech usa iso whey zero 2.2kg ingredients label WheyOkay

  The Benefits:
  • Extreme high protein content 
  • Lactose & Gluten Free 
  • Sugar-Free 
  • <1g of carbohydrate & fat 
  • Quick absorption 

At WheyOkay we are highly committed to our customers, we stand beside our products and our ultimate goal is to satisfy every customers needs, from the moment you purchase our products to the fitness goals you will achieve.

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