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Carnivor Mass from MuscleMeds is currently one of the best gainers that money can buy.

MuscleMeds team has used their famous Beef Protein Isolate instead of traditional whey isolate or concentrate and thanks to that you will digest it completely in as little as 1.5 hours. By doing that you will be able to consume another meal earlier than after standard mass gainers which absorb much slower. 

Another amazing fact about this quality supplement is Insulin-Release Amplifying reactive Carbohydrate system named the iSpike technology. The purpose of iSpike is to support maximum muscle anabolism while minimizing fat storage.

If you are looking to make some serious gains then definitely give Carnivor Mass a try.
MuscleMeds Mass is available in two amazing flavours vanilla caramel and chocolate fudge.

MuscleMeds Carnivor Mass 2.7kg ingredients label WheyOkay

Key Benefits:

  • Sugar-free and low-fat 
  • High in creatine and BCAA
  • Contains hydrolysed beef protein
  • Top quality mass gainer

At WheyOkay we are highly committed to our customers, we stand beside our products and our ultimate goal is to satisfy every customers needs, from the moment you purchase our products to the fitness goals you will achieve.



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MuscleMeds Carnivor Mass 2.7kg

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