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Mass Tech by MuscleTech

Mass Tech is perfect for athletes, bodybuilders, or fitness enthusiasts. Looking to pack on muscles, size, and strength fast? With MuscleTech Mass Tech it is so much easier.
The 5 in 1 formula features 80 grams of Protein over 150 grams of Carbs and 1000 clean calories that will mix with 450 ml of skimmed milk. Every serving contains 8 grams of anabolic L-Lucine, 17 grams of BCAAs, and 10 grams of Creatine. 

When is the best time to drink Mass Tech?

Take 1 serving directly after your workout to help with growth and recovery. MassTech can also be taken between meals to help you reach your daily protein and calorie requirements. 

How to use MuscleTech Mass Tech?

Mix a full serving in a blender with 450 ml of skimmed milk for 30 seconds. For additional calories and taste add your favorite frozen fruits, peanut butter oats, and more. For a quicker shake mix half a serving 225ml to 450 ml of skimmed milk in a shaker cup.

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Key Benefits:

  • One of the best supplements for Hardgainer
  • Perfect amount of macro-nutrients to help you grow
  • Mass Tech has more protein per serving than other weight gainers
  • Super-tasty formula

At WheyOkay we are highly committed to our customers, we stand beside our products and our ultimate goal is to satisfy every customers needs, from the moment you purchase our products to the fitness goals you will achieve.


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